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Terms of Service - Imperial Surgical Limited

Director: Mr Mark R Whyman
Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon
The Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital
Hatherley Lane
Glos GL51 6SY

Secretary & Apppointments: Mrs H.Burrell Telephone: 07307 641071

I will provide a high standard of medical care that complies with the professional guidelines laid down by the General Medical Council. In particular I aim to provide a service that is punctual, courteous, and confidential. If, at any time during your care you feel that this is not the case, I would like to know where you feel these standards have fallen short. As part of the medical service provided, if I cannot help you myself I will be pleased to suggest a referral to a colleague. If I am not certain of something I will try to explain the basis of this uncertainty. At the end of a consultation I aim to ensure that you have understood the nature of your problem, the main treatment options available, what treatment involves and the important risks of any relevant treatments.


Fees for service

The basis on which professional fees are charged are outlined below. Such fees are subject to annual review and are intended as a guide.  You will usually receive an invoice by post after the service has been provided.  I would be pleased to discuss any concerns you might have about charges, for example if you do not have medical insurance, or the insurance you have has an excess, or for any other reason.

Consultation Fees

bullet New problem consultation (generally lasting up to ½ hour) £250.00
bullet Review/ follow up consultation (generally lasting up to ¼ hour) £150.00


These fees will usually be charged even in the event of a shorter duration consultation. Rarely, these charges will be higher if the consultation lasts substantially longer than the time indicated. 


Additional procedures/investigations

Occasionally during a consultation, minor investigations or other small procedures are necessary. These will be charged in addition to the consultation fee e.g.

bullet Doppler ultrasound examination £90.00


Scans/Imaging/Vascular investigations

There is a separate tariff for imaging and other vascular laboratory investigations. Example costs are £321 for single leg vein or artery scan, £642 for both legs, £373 carotid arteries scan, £140 for intra-operative localisation scanning, £150 for post VNUS or foam scan per leg.

Sclerotherapy (injection treatment of veins)

To include hospital fees, surgeon’s fee, post-procedure ultrasound scan where needed, and follow up out-patient consultation (“fixed cost package”)

bullet Unilateral (one leg) Foam Sclerotherapy £805.00
bullet Bilateral (both legs) Foam Sclerotherapy * £1289.00
bullet Unilateral (one leg) Micro Sclerotherapy (injection) £420.00
bullet Bilateral (both legs) Micro Sclerotherapy (injection) £522.00

* I will not normally treat both legs by foam sclerotherapy in one session.

Ward care and ward consultations

Charges may apply if I provide care or conduct consultations for patients in hospital. Generally, fees for visits are waived if they are part of routine post-operative care.

bullet Simple review, low intensity work, per visit £150.00
bullet Complex review, high intensity work and availability, per visit  £250.00
bullet Minimum daily charge  £150.00


Surgery/Operations/In-patient Treatments

These are charged at a standard rate according to the BUPA Schedule of Procedures plus a discretionary additional 20%. Sometimes insurance companies will not fully reimburse these costs. You are advised always to check with your insurance company in advance of surgery.  If surgery is carried out completely under local anaesthetic, there is an additional charge of 25% of the foregoing total.  Please be aware that charges are made for all treatments, irrespective of outcome or satisfaction with the result. However, I will always be willing to discuss difficulties of this nature with you.

Payment Terms

Invoices are to be paid in full within 30 days.  If you wish me to clarify anything arising from the invoice then please contact me well before expiry of the 30 day period. Monthly interest on any unpaid amounts at 8%, in accordance with Late Payment Legislation, may be charged.  Costs of debt recovery may also be claimed.  Please note that you, and not your insurance company, are responsible for settling the account.  If, however, you wish your insurer to reimburse you after you have settled the account yourself, or you would like your insurer to pay me directly, you will need to forward any invoice to your insurer. Please note that I will not already have sent a copy of the invoice to your insurer. If you pass the invoice on to your insurer, then please inform me that you have done so.

Cancellation fees

Please cancel your appointment well in advance if it is not required.  Failure to give 48 hours notice of cancellation may result in a charge of £50 for each missed appointment.